Sunday, August 1, 2010

'sprout plastica' - CoCA Seattle

'sprout plastica'      Barbara De Pirro
(plastic fiber, petals, twigs & steel)


from beneath the rubble,
what appears to be….a barren landscape,
a seed trembles on the wind,
landing lightly on the moist surface.
Encouraged and nourished by rain,
its hard shell releases, attaching roots,
tenderly a shoot forms,
slowly reaching upwards
towards the radiant sky.
At first a single sprout
standing alone
and then another,
multiplying into a series of spires,
new life begins again.
'sprout plastica'       Barbara De Pirro
(plastic fiber, petals, twigs & steel)

'sprout' details      Barbara De Pirro
(plastic fiber, petals, twigs & steel)

'Overgrowth & Understory'
Sculpture Exhibit
Cougar Mountain Wilderness Park
Issaquah, WA

July 10 - October 2

Curated by David Frances, CoCA Seattle

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Funding for this project was made possible in part by Artist Trust Grants for Artist Projects (GAP).

Special thanks to Antonia Xavie De Pirro for her assistance!