Monday, November 1, 2010

'vortex plastica' Spaceworks Tacoma

'vortex plastica'       Barbara De Pirro

Pulled from a vast resource of materials this sculptural installation was created using ‘hundreds’ of reclaimed plastic bags, bottles and caps,
tirelessly crocheted, woven, wired and tied
to form a series of metaphorical vortexes.

'vortex plastica'       Barbara De Pirro

'...With its expert use of garden-fresh color (the expanse of recycled bottlecaps is mindful of a field of blooming flowers), the art piece has the power to attract, delight, surprise and repel (when it is discovered what the material is), in short order. No wonder – like a figment from a nightmare, vortex plastica was inspired by the North Pacific Gyre, which carries an enormous and deadly “garbage patch” of plastics and refuse that is perpetually locked in its ocean currents....'
Lisa Kinoshita, Spaceworks Tacoma

Installation runs through February 28, 2011

Spaceworks Tacoma
912 Broadway
(directly across from the Pantages Theatre)

more about this project here:

'vortex plastica'       Barbara De Pirro

Spaceworks Tacoma is a joint initiative of the City of Tacoma, Shunpike
and Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber of Commerce

Funding for this project was made possible in part by Spaceworks Tacoma
and Artist Trust Grants for Artist Projects (GAP).